Arno + Jessica

This photoshoot was a lot of fun, because Arno + Jessica are absolutely adorable. : ) No seriously, take a look at these two. ; ) Arno + Jessica are getting married next year, but in between they are very far apart, Arno living here in the Netherlands and Jessica living in the States. They were together for a few weeks this summer and decided to spend some of their time having me taking photos of their cuteness!

The location for the shoot was a bit of an interesting part of Utrecht. We combined the green area of the Wilhelmina Park with the surrounding neighbourhood, which has some fantastic houses. When it got a bit darker outside, we biked to the deserted train tracks near the Spoorwegmuseum – I always love photos with train tracks! Finally a few cutie shots which look super Dutch, bikes bikes bikes, and off they were again.

Arno + Jessica, I had a wonderful night. Thank you guys for allowing me to capture your adorableness! I wish you so much fun with weddingplanning, and of course a woooonderful wedding day next year. : )


Arno + Jessica-3Arno + Jessica-7

Arno + Jessica-18

Arno + Jessica-14Arno + Jessica-15

Arno + Jessica-33

Arno + Jessica-20Arno + Jessica-25

Arno + Jessica-35

Arno + Jessica-40Arno + Jessica-38

Arno + Jessica-37

Arno + Jessica-46Arno + Jessica-47

Arno + Jessica-44

Arno + Jessica-53Arno + Jessica-57

Arno + Jessica-75

Arno + Jessica-62Arno + Jessica-69

Arno + Jessica-95Arno + Jessica-98Arno + Jessica-100

Arno + Jessica-82Arno + Jessica-87

Arno + Jessica-104

Arno + Jessica-110Arno + Jessica-115

Arno + Jessica-108

Arno + Jessica-148Arno + Jessica-142Arno + Jessica-140

Arno + Jessica-131Arno + Jessica-137

Arno + Jessica-163Arno + Jessica-168

Arno + Jessica-116Arno + Jessica-177

Arno + Jessica-180

Arno + Jessica-184Arno + Jessica-182

Arno + Jessica-186Arno + Jessica-197Arno + Jessica-213

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